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Preparing for a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Suggestions when preparing for a meeting using Microsoft Teams:

If you will be using a desktop or laptop.

  1. Download and Install the Microsoft Teams app on your desktop/laptop. Click here to Download.
  2. Ensure you have Admin permissions on your desktop or laptop to allow your web browser access to your Microphone and Camera. A modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge is required.

If you will be using a mobile device.

  1. Visit your mobile device App Store or Play Store, search for Microsoft Teams, then install the App.

It is suggested that you start this process approximately 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time in case there are any technical issues to resolve.

Try to get to a quiet area where you will have minimum disturbance.  Check your microphone, video, and speaker settings for proper communication. Remember to unmute when you are about to speak.  If you will be using video, ensure the area is well lit and the brightest light source is NOT behind you.

If you have slow internet concerns, turn off your video to see if the connection quality improves.

If you received an email invitation, when you are ready to join the meeting, click on the link in the invitation.  If you have an email address or, we suggest you sign in with this email address.  


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