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Registering / Selecting my courses on iSIMS
All students are required to Register / Select the courses the are completing each semester on the MBCC Student Management System (iSIMS).
After you complete the  Registration / Course Selection process:
  • You will have access to your classes on MBCC's VLE
  • Your name will appear on your lectures class list for them to among other things, enter your grades
  • The office will be able to clear you to sit Exams.
This exercise can only be completed after the following have been completed:
  • You have created a password for your MBCC email account
  • You have Activated your iSIMS Account
  • All documents in your acceptance package have been returned to the appropriate department.
  • You are up to date with your financial obligations to the college.  See the Financial Data tab to confirm all payments have been posted.
If any of the above is outstanding the  button will not display at the bottom of the Registration page

To Register for or Select your courses on iSIMS for the semester:
  1. Open your web browser the go to

  2. Scroll to Staff & Student login located to the right of the page, select the Microsoft icon then complete the login process.  (click here for detailed login instructions)

  3. Select the Registration Tab

  4. You will see the timetable for your programme.  After confirming the course, day, time room ,lecturer, etc; check the box to the left of the course to register for the class.

    BE SURE TO SELECT ALL SESSIONS FOR THE COURSES YOU ARE DOING. This means, if you are doing a course for which classes are timetabled for two or more times per week, click inside the box beside each class that you go to for that course. 

  5. To complete the process, after you have selected all sessions, click the  button at the bottom of the page. 
    Be reminded, if you have outstanding documents or fees, you may not see the register button.

After completing Registration / Course Selection, the MY COURSES tab will appear beside the Registration tab.  

This tab displays all of your selected courses in chronological timetable format. You may click on the course code for the courses to get additional information about the course. 

Feel free to contact the Registry Department or IT if you experience any challenges.

We greatly appreciate your feedback.

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